5 steps to overcome the last minute panic of quarterly BAS statements

October 28 2014   12 PM  

Make your next quarter easier

Well tradies, for those of you that report your activity statements quarterly, I’m sure, like me, you were tearing your hair out yesterday afternoon. Well, I made it over the line and here are my tips for making the next quarter a little easier:

  1. Cook your computer literate, numerical wife/husband/partner/friend dinner
  2. Turn on some classical music to take the tension out of the air
  3. Open an ice cold beer and offer them a beverage of choice (stiffer the better)
  4. Sit, be patient and answer every question asked in an enthusiastic tone
  5. Make a promise to reconcile your accounts on a daily basis for next quarter. (Even if you don’t mean it, at least you’re seen to make the effort)

A good accounting program makes this process a hell of a lot easier and I highly recommend Xero.

If you have any tips to add, leave a comment below and help out your tradie pals! And if you're looking to hire more workers to your books next quarter, look no further than ConX.