5 life hacks for tradies

April 09 2016   10 AM  

Chances are that if you are a tradie or a construction business owner, there is just not enough hours in the day. Early starts, heavy traffic, long hours and book keeping leaves you with just enough time for some dinner before starting all over again. Sound familiar?

Saving 45 minutes to an hour a day can make all the difference to your daily routine, freeing up time to catch up with a mate over a beer, have a surf or just have some downtime. There are a bunch of time saving and productivity apps out there, so we selected 5 to work with the every day tradie.

Hey You

10 minutes in the morning is everything. If you’re like me you’re not going anywhere without a large cap first thing, parking the car up and getting your coffee can slow you down big time when you least need it, so why not pre-order your coffee to be ready when you get there? Apps like Hey You or Beat the Queue offer this, plus rewards (free coffee!) for using. Check it out on the link above.


Snarl provides live traffic updates all around Sydney, and can used to plan your route in the morning to avoid heavy traffic spots or accidents. The voiceover on the app can be a little annoying, but is updated in real time so your trip can be routed around heavier traffic spots. The commute to and from sites is time you don’t need wasted, so check this one out, could save you vital minutes.


There is a real need for a construction supply price comparison app, the best we could find is GetPrice. A search for “Construction Tools” returns about 80 results from 4 different online stores, if you are sourcing supplies or tools for upcoming jobs using GetPrice this is worth a try. It’s a growing business so expect a wider set of results in the future.

Coles Online

Getting your shopping in for the week can take an afternoon, even with the clearest of shopping lists and an intent to get out of there as soon as possible, if you’re like me you will quickly find yourself wandering aimlessly around the aisles buying stuff you have no intention of using.  I started using online shopping last year and have not been back to a store since. Its super easy, allowing you to re-order your previous shopping, pick a time that’s convenient for delivery and you’re done. Should take you about 15 minutes.


For the surfers. Best surf report app around, the app is powered by CoastalWatch. Provides up to date conditions on the beaches you want. Perfect for planning a surf on the way home.


What apps do you use on your daily routine? Add in the comments below.