5 Top Tips For Builders Who Are Hiring

June 07 2018   03 PM  

Follow these 5 tips to ensure you are hiring a high performing team member and you’ll avoid recruiting a lemon that could end up killing your company culture and eroding your team's morale.

And when you consider that one superstar employee is as productive as 2 average performers (source: Forbes), then it becomes very clear why you need to be attracting the best people into your building company.

On average it takes 68 days for a new starter to settle into a new role within a company (Source: Majer Recruitment) so it’s important to get your hiring right the first time. The  lack of process and strategy for hiring in many building companies have led to the true cost running into tens of thousands of dollars in delays and missed opportunities.

By working one-on-one with these companies, Associations like the APB (linked below) were able to identify 5 fundamental mistakes of almost every builder. So they created a checklist and shared it with members to help the industry with repeatable processes every time they needed to fill a new position.


Create a Job Description

The first step before advertising or interviewing is to create a simple outline of everything your new member will be responsible for. What are their daily, weekly and monthly recurring tasks? Create a title that defines the role and then bullet point the main activities they will be performing.


Systemise The Role

The next step is to fully systemise the role they will be performing. If you’ve not already systemised any part of your building company then this may seem a little daunting! However, every task you create a process for will save you time over and over again!

You may want to involve your new team member in the process of systemising their role, which is fine. Just be aware that the less processes you have in place from the start, the more time you will need to invest into them at the start as you take them through each process step-by-step.

Systemising your building company is one of the most highly leveraged tasks you can invest your time into.

These days, it’s easy to create step-by-step video walkthroughs or combinations of text and images that take someone by the hand and walk them through a process without having to physically repeat the process every time. This is a massive time saver for you, the business owner so it’s importance should not be underestimated.


Assign A Manager

Be clear from the outset who your new team member will report to. It’s really important that they are directly accountable to just one person. If you make the mistake of giving a team member more than one boss, you are heading for trouble.

Also be aware of your own limitations regarding the number of staff you can personally manage and review your company organisation chart to ensure the structure remains effective.

If you don’t have time to meet the people who are directly reporting to you individually on a weekly basis, that is a sure sign you need to restructure and delegate some responsibility.


Define Success

A simple step that is often overlooked. If we don’t define what success looks like to our team, how can they possibly know when they are succeeding?

It’s important to set 3-5 Key Performance Indicators for each individual in your company so that everyone is pulling in the same direction with a clear objective.

KPI’s should be set quarterly and reviewed regularly. They can also be used as part of the employee’s six monthly review which may or may not incorporate a salary review.


Identify Ideal Qualities

To run a successful marketing strategy you need to be clear on who is your ideal client. It’s the same when you are hiring new team members. Think about the role they will be performing. Ideally, what qualities would this person need to have? Create a list of positive attributes that would greatly increase the chances of a new hire succeeding in the role.

Just as important, create a list of negative attributes. What are the deal breakers? List those down so that you can address them in the interview process (or even before) and avoid taking on someone who in hindsight was never really going to be a good fit for your building company.

When you implement these 5 tips into your hiring process you’ll find it a lot easier to identify the ‘high performers’ who are twice as productive as the average employee and will fit into your existing company culture.

For an in depth walk through of the new hire process for builders, check out this online course by the Association Of Professional Builders.

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