5 Minutes With Future Leader Kezia Lloyd

September 29 2015   05 PM  

ConX is launching a series of Q&A interviews with current and future leaders in building and construction and first up is Kezia Lloyd, Seniour Acoustic Engineer and winner of the Lend Lease Scholarship for Future Leaders at the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) NSW 2015 Awards in Excellence. The Award recognises the enthusiasm and commitment of young women in the building and construction industry, with the intention of encouraging future leaders within the sector. Kezia will now go on to be a panellist at the NAWIC Success Series 3 awards in October.

Kezia is a woman of many talents and when she’s not driving her career forward; she is the front woman of a band. We had the pleasure of watching her perform last week at the Construction Rocks event ( for which she is an organizer). All we can say is WOW!  

Women in Construction

Q. How did you get into construction and what was your biggest inspiration to work in the industry?

A. Someone once said, “You’re good at maths, have you thought about doing Engineering?” and the seed was planted! I started in product design and automation engineering; however, I was drawn to the complexity of a building. Considering all the pieces that need to come together to make a building ‘work’ acoustically, it’s not only challenging but also really satisfying when you get to go there afterwards and see your design realized.

Q. What emerging technologies and trends are exciting you right now?

A. BIM has been a key change in the industry over the last few years. I am excited to see how this may be applied to my discipline as the technology improves and adoption of the technology increases.

Q. As a future industry leader, what challenges do you see facing the construction industry in the next few years?

A. Creating developments that are not only sustainable in their materials, but implement technologies that may have a positive impact on the operational sustainability of the project. Also, maintaining design and build quality through tougher economic times.

Q. What is on your professional agenda for the next 3 years?

I would like to be more active in mentoring within the industry in the coming years. I am an organizer for the Construction Rocks event, which had a successful first event in Sydney on the 16th of September. I am aiming to grow this event to raise funds for worthy causes and diversify the networking opportunities in the Sydney construction industry.

Q. What can we do to attract more women into the industry?

A. Before engineering was mentioned to me as a possibility, I’d not considered it. I was not aware of the opportunities that direction would afford me. I believe knowing the opportunities is key to getting women into engineering and the construction industry. 

Encourage discussion of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) careers at school level, many students do not have any idea of the range of opportunities in the fields. Further to this, strong STEM programs in schools are essential, allowing young women to explore their interests in these subjects.