4 Resources for your Technical Tool belt

June 18 2015   10 AM  

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Here are 4 useful resources for your technical tool belt to run your construction business:

1. iPad – The Foundation

This is the starting point and from here, the possibilities are endless - Apple have made life so much easier to run a business, especially for us tradies who spend more time on the job than in the office. When buying an iPad, make sure it has 3G so you can run a paperless business from site, home or even the beach.

2. Google Apps for business – Email

I run all my emails through Google apps Living in the cloud, you can log into emails from anywhere in the world and an added benefit is the email address is customizable to your business – for example, at ConX, my email is keith@conxjobs.com and in my other day job, Ocean Carpentry, I’m keith@oceancarpentry.com.au both these emails are run through Gmail and it costs me just $5 per month. (drop me a line if you want to know more).

3. Xero – Accounting

Xero takes the pain out of doing the books, and my accountant (and wife) love me when it’s time to lodge my quarterly BAS statements now that I’m running the business through Xero. It’s super simple to use, you can reconcile all expenses on the go. You can also issue branded business invoices to creditors through the application  which gives that extra sense of professionalism, and the best part is, they keep track of who has and hasn’t paid, making it easy to keep your cash flow in check which is so important when running a construction business.

4. ConX – Staffing

And last, but certainty not least, I staff my jobs on the go through ConX. I post a job from the building site and within minutes, I get a text and email notifying me of new applicants. Only people who match my job criteria can apply, and my contact details are never given out, so there is no unsolicited contact from random, unqualified people. I can quickly review and select the best candidates on offer through my iPad, and have guys on the job within 24hours. It couldn’t be easier.

It’s taken me a long time to realize shouting at the computer screen whilst banging the keyboard is counter-productive, and computers ain’t all that bad.

Start your journey into the cloud by posting a job on ConX today. 

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