3 Ways drones can help your construction company

December 11 2017   01 PM  

Drones in construction

Should you get a drone?

Drones are everywhere now and have become affordable with high quality cameras. They are amazing fun to take videos and photos of your favourite sports and hobbies, here is a quick look at a few ways to utilise them for your construction business.

1 - Planning - drones can give you a great birds eye view of your building site which can help you plan exactly how you are going to go about doing the project and where you are going to store materials and plot all of your facilities etc to keep the site safe and easy to move around. Wondering what the view will be like from the 5th floor? Send up the drone.

2 - Marketing - Drones are an amazing tool to take photos and videos of your projects for promotional platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, your ConX profile or website. By putting content like this out on your accounts you can create great engagement with others in the industry and of course with potential clients. 

3 - Inspecting - Do you have to analyse damage or the state of the building before you can quote? With drones you can do this from the safety of the ground, check out a roof, gutters, chimney or pretty much anything that is hard to get to without setting up ladders or scaffolding. This will save you so much time and money by giving accurate quotes based on evidence. You could also share the video with your client so they have an understanding of the nature of work.