10 tips to avoid the Coronavirus on Building Sites

March 10 2020   02 PM  

Top 10 tips to avoid the Coronavirus on Building Sites.png 117.44 KB

With the ongoing threat of Coronavirus in our day to day lives, the team here at ConX have put together a list of ways to protect yourself and your family when you work on a building site all day.  

Any area with a high density of people working has the potential to spread the virus, this includes construction sites. 

These few simple tips will help you stay healthy and protect others too,  

  1. Restrict the sharing of tools where possible
  2. Wear gloves & a mask as much as you can
  3. Restrict touching your face and particularly your nose & mouth (even with gloves)
  4. Bring your own lunch, water bottle, cutlery, etc
  5. Bring hand sanitizer in your lunch bag
  6. Wash your hands before & after eating
  7. Avoid touching areas in the toilets with your hands
  8. Wash your hands thoroughly throughout the day
  9. Have a shower as soon as you get home
  10. If you are sick, stay at home and protect others 

If you or a team member are stuck at home with the Coronavirus, use this opportunity to quote on some more upcoming jobs with ConX Measure