4 Tips to make your construction business more professional

September 05 2017   02 PM  

The construction industry has long been seen as a macho industry with such habits as wolf whistling at girls, eating pies, being dirty/scruffy and beer is generally a close association too. In recent years we have taken huge steps forwards with our professional manner and the introduction of the internet and social media has encouraged companies to broadcast a better ‘image’ of their business to make them stand out from the crowd. If you feel that you could do a little bit more for your businesses image here are a few tips to get you started.
Professional presentation is essential to create a good first impression, little things like business cards, t-shirts with logo’s for the whole team, your ute or van should be clean - inside and out and you should always speak in a professional manner with the builder or owner which means no swearing. And avoid smoking on the job or when sporting the company logo, whether in a t-shirt or driving the vans. These things seem simple but will get your relationship off on the right foot.
Digital profile 
A recent study has revealed that 85% of people now trust online recommendations as much as word of mouth so it is essential to have a strong presence online and customer service is essential for this. By creating and maintaining a profile on www.conxjobs.com you can promote your company within the industry by uploading photo’s of past projects, connecting the profile’s of your employees to your company page and giving and receiving ratings of other companies you have worked with to name just a few.
To be professional you must communicate with others in a prompt manner, whether it is a builder or a homeowner. Simple things like returning calls, texts and emails are essential to maintain a good relationship and for your company to be seen as reliable. 
Always communicate about a delay - it is better to know you will be there 100% next Monday rather than saying I might be there on Thursday and then not making it. 
Be transparent about costs - Don’t save an extra bill until the job is complete, this will cause unnecessary arguments and stress on both sides.
For me this is the difference between a good tradie and a great tradie, clean up after every job if it is a small one, or, at the end of every day if it is a building site. I cannot emphasise this enough and it should be the first thing every apprentice is taught, you will see instant benefits in your company’s reputation and  online recommendations.
The construction industry is lagging behind all others when it comes to a digital world.  We must embrace the change if we want to keep moving with the times. Everyone looks for, trusts and engages business online now so it essential you create and maintain a great profile. 
Create a www.conxjobs.com profile today and join the network connecting the construction industry for work.